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Fair Play

Trust is vital for 2020 Quiz and so we have taken our lead from the Learned League which has been running in the India for many years with very few incidents of cheating.

Cheating will spoil the game and so it is not allowed not even looking up an answer that you know you know, but just can't at that moment recall it. We run the main 2020 Quiz leagues on an invitation-only basis in order to prevent cheating. All players must have taken part in at least two proctored IQA events within the past year in order to be eligible to join so we have some empirical data on them.

These events might be the major events like the Quizzing Championships or the European Quizzing Championships, or they might be your local IQA quizzes in the India, this would be the IQA GB Quiz Grand Prix circuit, or it might be an authorised Hot 100 centre. There are lots of such events for you to attend in order to establish your credentials to join 2020 Quiz.

If you're not eligible to join the main 2020 Quiz leagues, you will still be able to join the 'Wild West' leagues, which are not monitored and where we cannot do much to guard against cheating.

As a member of 2020 Quiz, you will be able to invite one person to join the main 2020 Quiz leagues every month. You will be required to vouch for this person. If they are suspected of cheating, you and the player will both be contacted about it. We hope that this peer pressure will also minimise any potential cheating.

There are no cash prizes in 2020 Quiz, so there is no point in cheating. Please don't spoil it for everyone else in your league. Please don't cheat.